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Manufacturer of Highest Quality Tobacco Products

Gulf Tobacco has established itself as a category Leader in the Persian Gulf Cigarette Industry. Our State-of-the-Art Cigarette Manufacturing Plant is located in. Being compliant with various Global protocols, and norms, Gulf Tobacco, apart from producing its own In-House Cigarette Brands, also undertakes the Contract Manufacturing for other Cigarette Brands as well. In all, the company manufactures an estimated 12 Billion Cigarette sticks annually. It has been our constant endeavor to provide the Consumer with the fresh taste and flavorful experience.“It is in that same promise that we at GULF TOBACCO stay committed”

Gulf Tobacco is all about creating Moments of Great Enjoyment for Smokers. We take Pride in our Fantastic International Brands and Successful Regional Brands, all Developed, Refined and Innovated by our talented people who are passionate about their work.

Today, Gulf Tobacco is a World Leading Manufacturer of Premium Quality Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products.



Whether we’re producing Cigarettes for One of our TEN Flagship Brands or One of the many locally popular Varieties we make; every individual Cigarette Ingredient is as responsibly sourced and meticulously put together as the next.

We Use Three Varieties of Tobacco

Virginia Tobacco

Flue-Cured in a Barn heated by pipes, Virginia Tobacco takes its name from the American State famous for its Bright-Leaf Tobacco Curing.

Burley Tobacco

A Light Tobacco that is cured by Air over a number of weeks and is generally Lower in Sugar than other Varieties.

Oriental Tobacco

Sun-Cured, Highly Aromatic and small of Leaf – you might better know this Variety by its common name, Turkish Tobacco.

The Perfect Blend of Quality and Consistency

Tobacco Blending is a Skillful Process that starts with Buying and combining exactly the right mix of Grades – getting that right is the only way to achieve the particular Taste and Quality our Cigarette Brands are known for.

The Tobacco it is treated and Flavors are also added – this could be certain ‘Top Notes’ or something a little Stronger that includes Ingredients such as Menthol or Carob bean. The use and Quantity of Flavorings may also vary according to regional preferences.

Our Own



We Strive To Bring New Designs, Flavors And Brands To The Market Every Year

The only Tobacco Company with all aspects of Manufacturing under a Single Roof – Green Leaf Tobacco Processing, Primary Blending and Cigarette Manufacturing.